Volume. 61/ Winter 2014  Tracing the Taiwanese Recearch Trends of Infant and Child Developmental Psychology

Dialogue & Response
      《Towards Positive Aging: A Panoramic View of Adjustment in Older Age》
Focus Relax, Hold on, or Let Go? The Dilemmas of Emotion Regulation Strategies for the Elderly/ Hsiu-Lan Chin

Why Raising the Applicational Value of Elderly Studies should be Given Priority/ Kuang-Hui Yeh

The Psychology of Aging: A Field that Deserves Further Development in Taiwan/ Chih-Wei Hue, Ming Lo

Special Issue
Tracing the Taiwanese Recearch Trends of Infant and Child Developmental Psychology/ Editor: Shih-Tseng Huang

A Literature Review of Child Temperament Research in Taiwan from 1980 to 2011/ Pei-Ling Wang

Speech Perception Development Studies in Taiwan: A Retrospective Study/ Feng-Ming Tsao, Huei-Mei Liu

Scientific and Numeracy Concept Development in Children: A Retrospective Study/ Chia-Hui Chiu, Hwa-Wei Ko

Conceptual Papers
The Phases of Patient-Therapist Interaction and Negative Therapeutic Reactions of Physically Abused Children during the Counseling Process/ Dong-Yann Wu

Empirical Research
Analyzing the Verse -Chorus Form: Schema Shifts and Musical Rewards in Lyrical-Slow Songs/ Chen-Gia Tsai, Rong-Shan Chen, Szu-Pei Yu

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