Volume. 60/ Summer 2014  Towards Positive Aging:A Panoramic View of Adjustment in Older Age

Dialogue & Response
      《Recession and the Quality of Working Life》
Between Mind and Material: The Dynamics between Economic Status, Psychological Adaptation and Well-being/ Jui-Ping Hung

The “Be” and “Ought to Be” of Balancing Work and Family Life -A Hegemonic Power Perspective/ Me-Lien Wu

Culture-inclusive Consideration on Research in Applied Psychology/ Chih-Hung Wang

Special Issue
Towards Positive Aging: A Panoramic View of Adjustment in Older Age/ Editor: Shu-Fang Kao

Effectiveness and Preferences of Smart Pill Box Notification Sounds: A Study of Elderly Users/ Wei-Hsin Liu, Li-An Chiu, Wei-Jane Lin, Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Yao-Joe Yang

Institutional Care of Dementia: From Day Care Services to Nursing Homes/ Pei-Chi Hsieh, Li-Chan Lin

Aging Adjustment of Young-olds in Taiwan: A Positive Psychology Perspective/ Shu-Fang Kao, Shu-Hua Hsu

Valid Attention Orientation Benefits the Working Memory Performance of Schematic Faces among Older/ Yi-Shiuan Chiu, Chi Chi, Hao-Jui Chang, Ching-I Wang

Empirical Research
An Investigation of the Relationships among Adolescent Perceptions of Parenting Practices, Obligation to Obey, and Obedience in Guan-Chiao/ Huey-Ya Lin

Life Story
Breaking and Rebuilding Bounds—Reflecting on My FatherDaughter Relationship/ Hsiao-Ting Chen, Jui-Ping Hung, Chi-Chia Chuang

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