Volume. 59/ Winter 2013  Recession and the Quality of Working Life

Dialogue & Response
      《Value transformation in a changing society》
What Social Values Do We Need to Restructure?/ Chao-Ming Liu

Restructuring and Responses of Values in a Changing Society/ Chung-Kwei Wang
Special Issue
Recession and the Quality of Working Life/ Editors: Luo Lu, Cary L. Cooper

The Effect of The Recession on UK Managers: The Quality of Working Life 2007 to 2012/ Les Worrall, Cary L. Cooper Translators: Yu-Yueh Chang

The Dynamism of Balancing Work and Family in a Developing Society: Evidence from Taiwan/ Luo Lu

The Relationship between Personal-System Factors and Selfinitiated Expatriates’ Willingness Regarding Mainland China: Family and Organizational Support as Moderators/ Hsin-Pei Wu, Luo Lu, Hsiao-Wei Yang, Qi-Hao Lin

Empirical Research
An Investigation into Junior High School ApprenticeResearch in Applied Psychology, No. 59, Winter 2013 xiv Teachers’ Attitude toward Human Rights and Disciplinary Strategies and factors related to These Attitudes/ Chung-Kwei Wang, Kuo-Ying Lo

The Role of Clinical psychologists in Hospice Palliative Care/ Sheng-Yu Fan, Wei-Chun Lin

Field Notes
In the Presence of Yayue: Field Notes on Yayue Study Visually impaired Fu Jen University Psychology Students/ Yuan-Chen Huang, Ann-Yi Dai
Encountering Yayue on the Path of Practice/ Wen-Chi Lin

Senses and Sensibilities of Body and Mind: Contemporary Bodily Practices of  Yayue Dance/ Bo-Wei Chen

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