Volume. 58/ Summer 2013  Value transformation in a changing society

Dialogue & Response
      《I love my work and I love my family》
The responses to the moderation effect of self-efficacy and an emerging issue of work, family, and learning conflict/ Ying-Jung Yeh

Multiple Roles in Work and Family: Conflict?Facilitation?/ Li-Tuan Chou

Special Issue
Value transformation in a changing society/ Editors: Luo Lu

More Than I Can Say: Disclosure to Parents of Chinese Early Adults in Taiwan—A Dialectical Perspective/ Yung-Hsu Su, Maanling Chang, Kuen-Yung Jone

Rape Myths: Acceptance and Propagation/ Jiun-Yih Hunag

A Comparative Study of Work Values among College Youths: A Perspective of Higher Education Developmental Context and Gender Difference/ Shu-Huei Lin, Liang-Chih Huang

Home is Where the Heart is: A Case for Slow-living—A Discussion of Geographical Mobility Inducing Self-comfort in the Tamsui Old Street Area of Urban Taipei City/ Yi-wen Tsai

Concept Papers
The Path of Healing: The Application of Cultural Counseling to the Clinical Humanities/ An-Bang Yu, Der-Heuy Yee

Field Research
Probe into the essence of MBSR group―comparison with group therapy or group counseling/ Jin-Mei Hu, Yuh-Yin Wu

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