Volume. 57/ Spring 2013  I Love My Work and My Family Too-The New Challenge of Balancing Work and Family

Dialogue & Response
      《From the beginning to the ending of dementia》
Remark on self-narrative: Experience, writing strategy and critical thinking/ Yi- Shao Lin, Dun-Hou Tsai

What do you expect from narrative research? Persuading or touching/ Ming-Lei Yang

Knowing and practicing between “The six classics annotate me and I annotate the six classics”: The life dilemmas facing and values of good, beauty, true, and sacredness searching in the explorations of self narrative./ Yu-Kuang Hsu

      Authors’ & Editor Response
The journey, method, and text of self narrative/ Jui-Ping Hung

Special Issue
‘I Love My Work and My Family Too’-The New Challenge of Balancing Work and Family/ Editor: Luo Lu

The difficulties and solutions beyond the multiple roles dilemma for doctoral mom/ Pei-Yu Wu, Chia-Hui Wu, Kao-Ming Hsia

Antecedents and consequences of work, family, and learning conflict among adult learners/ Shu-Fang Kao, Ko-Hsin Cho

The moderating effects of self-efficacy in the family-to-work conflict process/ Yu-Yueh Chang, Luo Lu

Concept Paper
On the possibility of mind: From the perspective of the critique of political economy/ Bo Wang

Empirical Research
The father-in-law and son-in-law relationship: A preliminary study/ Ching-Fen Lee, Shain-May Tang

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