Volume. 56/ Winter 2012  Self-Narratives as An Alternative Psychology

Dialogue & Response
      《From the beginning to the ending of dementia》
Discussions about diagnosis, treatment and care ethics of dementia/ Rong-Chi Chen

The treatment limitations and ethical predicament in dementia care/ Tsung-Cheng Huang

      Authors’ & Editor Response
Different Choices When Facing Dementia/ Ker-Neng Lin

Eager beginnings and a peaceful ending/ Ming-Jang Chiu

      《Palliative Care: The Composition of Temporality, Video Film and Sound Playing Movement》 Editor Response
Gentle appropriate seeing and understanding/ Hsiu-Jung Chen

Special Issue
Self-Narratives as An Alternative Psychology/ Editors: Shing-Shiang Ting

The reality and truth of self-narrative research: A discussion on quality criterion/ Jui-Ping Hung, Hsiao-Ting Chen, Chi-Chia Chuang

My counseling theoretical orientation and pattern formation process–A readme study/ Chen-Wan Chiu

Inquiry of affection of the men: Confused situation of the life of the man had divorced./ Jen-Ting Lin, Shing-Shiang Ting

Concept papers
Information pool for psycholinguistic experiments: Ideas and pilot studies/ Sau-Chin Chen, Mei-Yu Lin

The psychological needs of bullying and possible interventions/ Hsien-Huei Chiou

Action Research
Who are the “non-visitors” in the museum system? A preliminary exploration of “Voyage15840–migrant worker photography exhibition” at Ludi community college, Taiwan/ Pang-Yen Cheng

Performing action research crossing the museum/ Jui-Kun Kuo

Reply to who are the “non-visitors” in the museum system?/ Ying-Chi Chu

Whose subjectivity?/ Yu-Chien Kung

In the name of curating: Exploring the resonant pathway between museum and society/ Pang-Yen Cheng

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