Jen-Ting Lin
Hsing Wu College Student counselling center
Shing-Shiang Ting
Fu Jen College Psychology department

The man had divorced feels powerless and dejected on crisis of the marriage and emotion. Is it due to depress and immovable of the man? The Researcher reads the story of the man had divorced by the frame of The Chinese Cultural Psychology, because of “The Chinese Life Myth” guided people to live, put the meaning of the life and affection in the life script. The Research of affect experience, it let people narrate his life story about affections and interpersonal relationship, then analyze it by Narrative Inquiry, find the core issue. Finally, the new story with the theme is created and edited by researcher. Research result: the story is divided to four relationship of the topic: “Family-of-Origin: depressive and distant”, “Socialization: defer to ethics”, “Be divorced? Why?” and “Lose of the life”. But the storyteller can’t figure out why life is broken? He calls oneself as wretch. The researcher order by the culture frame: “Power”, “Ethics”, “Home”, “Fate”, make the reinterpretation of affection of the men. The affection isn’t declared, it is action, and the meaning of that must attach to the relation of the social ethics, plus the grasp and feedback by another one to finish it. “Fate”, the way of saying a thing, to comfort him failed in the life myth. But now, the myth was changed. The proposition of the research is that considers culture difference, not simplify and quickly to orientate the question of the men. We need to understand what our background of the cultural psychology influence, and to integrate ways of possible to think on the basic, find what information we need, create the resources and conditions to help the men feel their affection, then reflect and create one.

Keyword: affection of the men, the man had divorced, life myth, narrative inquiry.

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