Hsien-Huei Chiou
Department of Criminology, National Chung Cheng University

With the frequent broadcasting of events related to school bullying, it is important to probe the correctional methods of bullying from a counseling perspective. School authorities have always dealt with bullying by condemnation, punishment, or transfer to another school. However, they seldom understand the psychological needs of the perpetrators, nor have they provided counseling services to help the students modify their behaviors. From the counseling perspective, it is better to help the perpetrators first become aware of their psychological needs, clarify their beliefs, manage their emotions, and then explore alternative behaviors. In order to manage bullying effectively and to prevent relapse, the counseling goals should include both helping the perpetrators to improve self-management, as well as building a monitoring system of both the caregivers and school personnel. The ideas discussed in this article are still conceptual at this point; empirical studies and other experts’ opinions are needed.

Keywords: bullying, counseling, needs, adolescent adjustment, guidance

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