Volume. 55/ Fall 2012  From the Beginning to The Ending of dementia

Dialogue & Response
      Working Memory and Learning
More than what had been said: The inter-textual dynamics of temporality, image, and voice./ Yaw-Sheng Lin

Opening possibilities of understanding beyond the mind through the constrained body: Reflections and responses of a medical-counseling psychologist/ Yu-Chan Li

Special Issue
From the beginning to the ending of dementia/ Editor: Ming-Jang Chiu

The diagnosis and treatment of mild cognitive dementia: Experiences at Taipei veterans general hospital/ Pei-Ning Wang, Hsiu-Chih Liu, Ker-Neng Lin

Pharmacological treatment of Alzheimer’ disease: the present and the future/ Yu Sun

Parkinson’s disease with dementia and dementia with lewy bodies/ Chu-Yun Huang, Chin-Chang Huang

Ethical considerations in dementia/ Ker-Neng Lin, Pei-Ning Wang, Hsiu-Chih Liu, Rong-Chi Chen

Hospice-palliative care for terminal patients with dementia/ Hsi-Hsien Chou

Action Research

An action research on encountering healing through supportive astrological talk/ Yi-Chen Wang

Form witchery, healing to action/ Whei-Ching Liu

Breaking through the rational framework/ Shen-Han Chang

Being in the world as a shaman/ Chang-Hsien Lu

Reply to Whei-Ching Liu, Shen-Han Chang & Chang-Hsien Lu/ Yi-Chen Wang

Concept papers

A core component of emotional experience: A conditioned response of the affect component of sensory feeling/ Jing Fu

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