Volume. 54/ Summer 2012  Palliative Care:The Composition of Temporality, Video Film and Sound Playing Movement

Dialogue & Response
      Working Memory and Learning
Reading Qian’s “rebellion”: Reflections on my own growth/ Ching Yang

Action research: Context identification and diversity learning/ Xiang Beili

How precious is the diversity among activists!/ Hsing-Chun Lin

The profiles of four senior female action researchers/ Horn-Fay Cherng

The meaning of the methodology of action research theory: A response to “action research”/ Lian-Xiang Sha

Traversing the borders of college and elementary education/ Huei-Hsuan Lin

      Authors’ & Editor Response
Emancipation: A never-ending hurdles race!/ Lorna Kung

Nowhere to escape but eternal endurance/ Li-Wen Ma

A sonata for action researchers: Resonance in differences, melodies sung through the minds/ Lin-Ching Hsia

Special Issue

Palliative Care: The Composition of Temporality, Video Film and Sound Playing Movement/ Editors: Hsiu-Jung Chen, Yi-Ju Cheng

Temporality issues of cancer patients in their illness experiences/ Wen-Ping Yang, Co-Shi Chao, Jow-Jiun Gong, Wei-Shu Lai

Applying video and documentary film in end-of-life counseling/ Shih-Ming Shih, Shu-Yi Hsia, Tsung-Yi Chiu, Ing-Wei Wang, Shu-Chen Wang, Yu-Shu Hsieh

Exploring healing encounters (Part I): Relationships between sound space and the internal experience of singing bowl playing/ Der-Heuy Yee, Wei-Lun Lee, Sih-Hui Lin, 99 Tibetan Singing Bowl Group

Concept papers

A critical examination of knowledge/ Bo Wang

Empirical Research

The effects of mainland Chinese teacher’s values and human nature concepts on attitudes toward students’ rights/ Chung Kwei Wang, Kuo Ying Lo

Identification, evaluation, and intervention of bullying behaviors in secondary and elementary school teachers/ Jane Chiu, Li-Ly Chang

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