Volume. 53/ Spring 2012  Actors In Social Landscape

Dialogue & Response
      Working Memory and Learning
The limits of working memory and reflections on teaching/ Cheng-Hong Liu

The impact of working memory on preschoolers’ development of mathematics/ Meng-Lung Lai

A reply to “The application of working memory in the classroom”/ Fa-Chung Chiu

      Authors’ & Editor Response
Working memory, long-term memory and automaticity: A reply/ Yuh-Shiow Lee

Working memory and teaching/ Hsueh-Chih Chen

Special Issue

Actors In Social Landscape/ Editor: Lin-Ching Hsia

From private to public: Resistant and transformative actions in educational inquiry/ Nancy Lien

Taking action between “escaping” and “facing”: A search for appropriate position and growth/ Li-Wen Ma

To rebel: An embarrassed, depressed learning process/ Lorna Kung

The perspective of spinal cord injury survivors: A collaborative inquiry on bowel inertia/ Li-Jung Mai

Empirical Research
Losing face and emotions: The effects of blaming target and relative power/ Kuei-Hsiang Han

The relationships between employee motivation and political skill: The moderating effects of  bao/ Chia-Wen Tseng, Ding-Yu Jiang

Concept papers

Acts of creality: A few heterological notes concerning my (br)oter Schreber/ Wen-Li Soong

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