Volume. 52/ Winter 2011  Working Memory and Learning

Dialogue & Response
      Emotional Development and Emotion Education
New insights into child and adolescent counseling: Inspirations from a local empirical study on emotion/ Kuo-Jing Houng

Reflections on the article “The performance on standardized developmental scales in young children with autistic spectrum disorders”/ Hui-Li Lin

Dialogues with “The mother-child relationship of a new inhabitant mother”/ Yuan-Yu Chiang & Yao-Fong Chen

Guiding young children to learn emotional management skills through communication/ Chung-Hui Hsuan

Response to “The new inhabitant mother’s parent-child relationship”/ Lo-Hsun Lee

      Authors’ & Editor Response
Exploration into the psychopathology research on young children with autism/ Chung-Hsin Chiang & Chin-Chin Wu

Responses from “The mother-child relationship of a new inhabitant mother”/ Hsin-Hsuan Wu & Jui-Chih Chin

The issues in emotional development research and implications for education/ Shih-Tseng Tina Huang

Special Issue
Working Memory and Learning/ Editors: Yuh-Shiow Lee & Hsueh-Chih Chen

Working memory in the classroom/ Susan E. Gathercole, Yuh-Shiow Lee, & Shinmin Wang

Working memory and children’s mathematics learning/ Wen-Chi Chiang

The role of attentional control in working memory development/ Hsiang-Chun Chen & Wen-Chi Chiang

An application of structural equation modeling in working memory and cognitive performance/ Han-Yu Lin

Empirical Research

The relationships among adolescents’ perceptions of maternal parenting practices, maternal attachment, and subjective well-being/ Ting-Ting Hsu & Huey-Ya Lin

The examination of physical and behavioral responses in inhibited children in a strange situation/ Pei-Ling Wang, Yu-Chun Tsai, & Tsung-Min Hung

The effect of social comparison and product type on compensatory consumption: Self-esteem as a mediator/ Jin-Huei Wang & Chung-Kwei Wang

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