Volume. 51/ Fall 2011  Emotional Development and Emotion Education

Dialogue & Response
      The Application of Psychology in Sleep Medicine
Emotion and health: The protective functions of positive emotions/ Zai-Ting Yeh

Unfolding the secret of sleep/ Hsin-Chien Lee

     Authors’ & Editor’s Response
Wishing for a bio-psycho-social sleep medicine/ Chien-Ming Yan

Special Issue

Emotional Development and Emotion Education/ Editor: Shih-Tseng Tina Huang

The performance on standardized developmental scales in young children with autism spectrum disorders/ Chin-Chin Wu & Chung-Hsin Chiang

The relationship between paternal meta-emotion philosophy toward anger and children’s expression of anger/ Li-Wen Lai & Jui-Chih Chin

Identity status, self-defining memory and psychological well-being in emerging adulthood/ Hsiao-Wen Liao & Ching-Ling Cheng

The mother-child relationship of an immigrant mother within the cultural context of Chinese family: A case study of a Cambodian-born Vietnamese mother/ Hsin-Hsuan Wu & Jui-Chin Chin

The emotional reactions toward frustration in six to twelve-month-old infants/ Shih-Tseng Tina Huang & Shu-Ling Kao

Action Research

The landscapes of teacher evaluation for professional development: Dialogue, understanding and obseration/ Mei-Ju Chen

Accompanying our children toward a fruitful life/ Hsieng-Cheng Tseng

Cultivating capability for on the spot praxis: A response to Mei-Ju Chen/ Horn-Fay Cherng

Questions regarding the “meaning” of the narrative inquiry to teacher evaluation for professional development/ Yung-Shan Hung

Meeting the real needs of education: Implementing the “evaluation of teachers’ professional growth” model/ Shin-Chun Liao

Returning to the essence: Recognizing one another’s values and …shaping mutual core values through dialogue/ Mei-Ju Chen

Field Note

The neglected trauma: The tears shed by the victims who reside outside the disaster area/ Shen-Kuei Huang, Chia-Chi Chiu, Ming-Yuan Shen, Hui-Chia Hsu, & Hsin-Yan Lin

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