Volume. 50/ Summer 2011  The Application of Psychology in Sleep Medicine

Dialogues & Responses
      Raising Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
A dialogue between parents and experts/ Chia-Chen Chao, Chung-Hsun Chang, Yu-Chen Tu

      Authors’ & Editor’s Responses
Beyond a parent’s viewpoint: Exploring the strategies for managing symptoms of ADHD/ Horng-Yih Lee

Special Issue

The Application of Psychology in Sleep Medicine/ Editors: Chien-Ming Yang & Ning-Hung Chen

The impact of sleep quality on memory performance in community elderlies: A preliminary study/ Zai-Ting Yeh, Peng-Chih Wang, Kun-Hu Chen, Huey-Tzy Chen, & Yuan-Kai Wang

The association between cognitive factors and hypnotic-tapering in individuals with primary insomnia/ Ying-Si Lai, Chien-Ming Yang, & Shih-Chieh Hsu

The association between severity of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and mood status: An exploration of possible mediating effects by autonomic nerve system and excessive sleepiness/ Chia-Shuo Wu, Yi-Ju Tsai, Ning-Hung Chen, & Chien-Ming Yang

Empirical Research

The effect of special learning orientation training on professional commitment/ Hui Meng, Wen-Jia Shen, Qiong Han, & Guo-Ying Hang

Educational systems and values: Factors affecting the dissemination of human rights policies in urban junior high schools in Taiwan/ Chung-Kwei Wang & Kuo-Ying Lo

Conceptual papers

The benefits of exercise on brain function: A review/ Chun-Hao Wang & Chia-Liang Tsai

Experiences and Reflections

Exit” and “entrance”: An exhausted substitute teacher’s journey through self-realization/ Hsiu-Chuan Chang & Nien-Hwa Lai

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