Volume. 48/ Winter 2010  Becomings:Gendered Self-embodiments

Dialogues & Responses
      Organizational Narrative Research
How Can Narrative Psychology Resolve Practical Organization Issues? Chih-Long Yen

A Commentary on “ Organizational Multiple Realities” and “A-Hui’s Story” Fa-Chung, Chiu

Organizational Narrative Inquiry: Understanding and Representing Organizational Life Experiences Bella Ya-Hui Lien

View Organizational Multiple Realities as the Ending Point or the Start Point Szu-Ting Lin

      Authors’ & editor’s responses
Organization Narrative Revisited Jui-Ping Hung

Special Issue

Becomings: Gendered Self-Embodiments Editor: Lin-Ching Hsia

Ying-Fan-Hang’s Daughter: Passing through Poverty and Sexual Morality Oppression Shu-Juan Wang

Reconstructing the Action Knowledge of “Disability” on Sexual/Gender Performances Su-Jen Lee

The Bonesetter’s Daughter: A Narrative Study using the Frame of Sexual/Gender, Politics, and History Lin Yen

Life History

Becoming a Counselor: A Self Narrative Study Jane-Wan Chiu

Empirical Research

Screening for Early Onsets of Dementia: An Evaluation of the Mini-Mental State Examination Yi-Hsiung Lin, Mei-Chiao Lai, Chia-Chien Chang & Lee-Shu Chen

The Effect of Chinese Work Values and Person and Work Fit on Job Satisfaction and Organization Commitment Chung-Kwei Wang & Kuo-Ying Lo

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