Volume. 47/ Fall 2010  Organizational Narrative Reserch

Dialogues & Responses
      Traditional Chinese Medicine Psychology
Comments on “Traditional Chinese medicine psychology: Foundation, development and prospect,” with a discussion on whither goes the psychology of Chinese medicine?/ Wen-Li Soong

The alternative pathway of well being: A response to Kao’s “Calligraphy on health and behavioral therapy”/ Cheng-Chien Chen

A response to the traditional Chinese medicine psychology/ Li-Chuan Chu

Special Issue

Organizational Narrative Reserch/ Editors: Jui-Ping Hung & Jyh-Hong Lee

Organization narrative: The narrative turn in organizational study/ Dun-Hou Tsai & Ted Yu-Chung Liu

Organizational multiple realities: Narrative reflections in an organizational consultation case/ Jui-Ping Hung

A pathway towards resilience: A narrative approach/ Chun-Hung Lin, Sy-Feng Wang, & Chao-Ming Liu

Empirical Research

A study on the lived experience of infertile women who later become mothers/ Hsui-Chu Huang & Shu-Ling Lin

The influence of target ambiguity on memories of favor-doings/ Kuei-Hsian Han

Conceptual Article

The construction of wisdom development model and practical suggestions/ Li-Ming Chen & Ying-Yao Cheng

Neural networks for reading as revealed by functional brain imaging: What have we learned from Chinese dyslexic children?/ Yu-Cheng Lin & Pei-Ying Lin

Discussing affect and psychology from 《Nanjing》 “ Five Zang-Organs Store Seven Spirits”/ Yu-Cheng Kuo

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