Volume. 45/ Spring 2010  Periphery of Civility and Public Space

Dialogues & Responses
      Expressive Arts Therapy
Psychoanalysis: Active imagination or free association Yaw-Sheng Lin

The body action healing: From the young who have witnessed domestic violence and participated in drama therapy Shu-Yu You

From authentic movement to the power of virtuality: Body movement and pragmatic revolt Jow-Jiun Gong

Special Issue

Periphery of Civility and Public Space Editors: Lin-Ching Hsia, Wen-Li Soong& Tsz-Yi Chang

Public civilization:A new view on the study of Chinese nationality Lian-Xiang Sha

Walking together through the path of de-colonization: The social learning of a resistance fellowship Lin-Ching Hsia

Space, symbol, inheritance and sublimation of Tian-Qiao culture Fei Liao

The ground, the table, and the Face: The three interfaces of civility Wen-Li Soong

Miaohui, religion organizations and village consciousness: Living experiences of urban villagers Qing-Zhong Sun

The performers on the borders: Sustaining a space of creativity and resistance in modern society Tsz-Yi Chang

Empirical Research

Female leadership and communication: Gender communication and the construction of organizational cultures in Taiwan Li-Li Chin

Expatriates wives’ decision-making on whether to relocate overseas: A qualitative analysis Hsin-Pei Wu, Luo Lu, Su-Chen Lin, Chao-Ming Liu

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