Volume. 44/ Winter 2009  Expressive Arts Therapy

Dialogues & Responses
      Employee Counseling and Occupational Health Psychology
A reflection to the study of employee couneling seeking behavior/ Wen Hsiao

Response to the interpretations of situation facing the unemployed male worker/ Te-Tsung Chang

Viewing counseling for smoking cessation: In Satir model/ Tao-Feng Li

      Authors’ response
The response to the reflection of employee counseling/ Shih-Ying Chang & Hui-Ying Lin

Closely examining the unemployed man: Knowledge, care, and help/ Jui-Ping Hung

Special Issue
Expressive Arts Therapy/ Editors: Tsung-Chin Lee & Wen-Li Soong

Manifestation of meaning in the exploration of free drawing/ Wen-Li Soong

Participation in drama therapy: From the perspective of children and adolescents who have witnessed domestic violence/ Su-Chen Hung & Li-Chun Li

The use of expressive writing in composition course to develop students’ self-concept and writing ability: A study of a high school in central Taiwan/ Shiu-Ya Liuh, Hsiu-Ping Hung, Mei-Chuan Chan & Chia-Chen Tu

Authentic movement: The healing by body movement/ Tsung-Chin Lee

Empirical Research

Old age, gender, and narrative: The gendered construction of old age/ Ming-Li Chen

Contrast or assimilation?: Investigation on the social comparison of healthy status/ Chia-Ching Tsai

Action Research

Exploring the design principles for real-time webcounseling systems:Action research approach/ Yu-Fen Chen, Wei-Su Hsu, Wei-Chung Chang & Chi-Yin Hsu

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