Volume. 43/ Fall 2009  Employee Counseling and Occupation Health Psychology

Dialogues & Responses
      Sport Psychology: The Link between Sports and Health
The stones of those hills may be used to polish gems/ Chiao-Lin Nien

Discussing the significant direction of the studies on sport leadership nationwide from the development of leadership theory/ Chi-Chang Chen

Mind-body non-intermittence/ Shih-Chiung Lai

Fatigue is the important factor of athletes burn out/ Hung-Liang Chang

Special Issue

Employee Counseling and Occupational Health Psychology/ Editors: Ming-Lei Yang

Explore the process model of job burnout: A study of food and beverage managers/ Jui-Ping Hung & Yi-Hsuan Chen

Promoting healthy behaviors in workplace by counseling: Helping smokers quit smoking with a health counseling model/ Jian-Hong Chen

A preliminary study of the employees’ intention of seeking employment counseling:Based on the theory of planned behavior/ Shih-Ying Chan & Hui-Ying Lin

A crisis of discontinuity and to get beyond : Interpret the existence of unemployed men/ Jui-Ping Hung

Experience & reflection

The power dynamics between social workers and service users/ Li-Ping Ke

Conceptual Article

Radical representation in models of Chinese character recognition/ Yi-Chuan Chen & Su-Ling Yeh

Empirical Research

The new paradisal road: A study of married men and their gender fair Consciousness/ Jye-Jiunn Liu , Li-An Guo & Yi-Chao Wang

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