Jui-Ping Hung
Department of Counseling Psychology Chinese Culture University
Yi-Hsuan Chen
Department of Medical Research Mackay Memorial Hospital

The purpose of this study is to subtly describe and present the process of burnout, and to enhance to understanding of the burnout causes, arousal and deterioration factors, and their interactions. This study uses phenomenological research approach, where three food and beverage managers were interviewed. The authors describe and analyze their burnout process individually, then making an integration to form a general structure of burnout. The result indicates that the cause of burnout is from imbalance between individual and environment, which can explain by the viewpoint of resource-demand balance and person-environment fit. In the past researches, these causes were called stressors and perceived as work stresses. The key point to turn work stresses into burnout processes is the ideal at huge discrepancies or disillusionment with reality. The harder the individual tries to solve the problem, the worse the problem is. The discrepancies or disillusionment make the individual has strong negative self-approval and feels dissatisfied, which then accumulates sense of powerfulness toward environment and the sense of unworthiness and hopelessness toward one’s career. When all these feelings surpass the individual will have the thought of redsignation. To sum up, this study provides the procsee of how individual job engagement evolving into burnout. Future researches may inquire the process of how individual regain job engagement from burnout state.

Keywords: burnout, process model, work stress

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