Jian-Hong Chen
Center for Health Policy Research and Development National Health Research Institute

Taiwan Smokers’ Helpline has been established to assist smokers to be well aware of the hazards of tobacco, to motivate and to prepare them to quit smoking, and ultimately, to advocate healthier lifestyles. Since its establishment in 2003, TSH has contributed a lot in either providing smoking cessation counseling to attempted quitters or being the platform of exchanging tobacco control resources. In clinical experience, we construct the brief tobacco cessation counseling model to help smokers to quit. In the counseling process, the counselor helps client increased the self-awareness of behaviors, activates motivation of change, and willing to choose quit smoking. After making decision, counselor helps client to develop, implement, and maintain the smoking cessation plan.
Although the model is applied on smokers, but essentially, the principles and methods originate from the concept of health counseling , of which we mean the willingness to choose healthy behaviors, to develop the ability of self-control, and furthermore, to maintain healthy behaviors. Such concept can be applied on other behaviors alike, such as weight control, diet control of diabetics and physical activity consultations. By the same token, it also provides business owners a model of providing Employee Assistance Programs.

Key words: tobacco cessation counseling, health counseling model, healthy behaviors, quitline, Employee Assistance Programs

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