Jui-Ping Hung
Department of Counseling Psychology Chinese Culture University

The present study is to investigate the inner mental status of unemployed men, especially focus on their existential situation and state in the unemployed men. Materials of the unemployment experience and career history are gathered to be used in the thematic and life frame analyses. Results show that the life before the first time employment case 1 hold that “job is to maintain a stable life.” He attached to a large textile mill until the life-frame changed with the closedown of the factory. Before the second unemployment, case 1 saw life as “working is propped up for life and family” and “work may surmount the possibility of environmental limits.” He tried to make it through tactics such as “his physical vigor”, “there will be work on the making,” and “setting up a cooperative working network extensively.” etc.. However, he ended up unemployed due to the slow business cycle of construction industry. Case 2 used to be a sales manager in consumer goods, his life frame in this stage was “to work is to pursue long-term development” and “company is where people can get together as brothers.” He worked only in one company to pursue his sense of achievement through promotion. Besides, brotherhood is also very important in his life. Yet, his life frame and meaningfulness was impacted by the reorganizing and been laid off. Existential analysis shows the unemployed men felt unreconciled or unworthy, or even hopeless.

Keywords: unemployment; job loss, unemployed man, Dasein ; existence, frame-analysis, thesis analysis

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