Li-Ping Ke
Department of Social Policy and Social Work National Chi-Nan University

The power issue permeates all levels of the social work profession among its professionals and service users whom they serve. It profoundly influences the quality of service and ultimate the fulfillment of social justice. Unfortunately, the practitioners and scholars of the field rarely examine the influences of power.
This article intends to bring forth the discussions on power and its impacts on a broader and deeper level by firstly identifying its sources—the institutional resources, knowledge of the professionals, interpersonal relationships and power legitimized by laws; secondly, by discussing the construction of realities of social workers and their service users, the dialogue between them, social workers’ various assessments in defining problems, methods of intervention, outcome evaluation, etc. This will allow the exploration of the use of power of social workers and its impact to the use of power of social services to go deeper.
The development of the pkoprofession is constant. Innovations and changes are vital to the success of the social work profession. In the process, its power has been greatly increased and legitimized by laws. The profession must be cautious and great care must be taken in lieu of the power issue while serving its service users as there is the danger that the profession can be deaf to the needs of its service users, thus push away the voice of need for help.

Keywords: professional relationship, power, reality, dialogue, record

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