Jye -Jiunn Liu
Counselingl Center National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Li-An Guo
Department of Guidance Counseling National Changhua University of Education
Yi-Chao Wang
Department of Counseling Psychology, National Hualien University of Education

The purpose of this study was to explore the course of gender consciousness forms and its influence on marital relationship of married man. These data were collected by semi-structure in-depth interview with five married men who are gender fair conscious and their interactive experiences are probed by narrative inquiry. The forming of gender fair consciousness is, according to the research outcomes, a circulation which relates to early experience such as training and education, seeing unequal, observed learning, recognizing women’s abilities, Also, the conflicts between inner and external pressures, masculine deconstruction, and intimate relationship appear when their gender fair consciousness being built. Gender fair consciousness has positive influence on the marital relationship, for men who have gender fair consciousness may respect women’s need and autonomy and take part in households. Furthermore, the awareness and deconstruction of masculinity would improve men’s marital relation and their health.

Keywords: gender consciousness, man study, narrative research, marital relationship, masculinity, gender fair,male awakening

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