Volume. 42/ Summer 2009  Sport Psychology:The Link between Sports and Health

Editorial Note
Multi-standpoint differentiation and encountering: Exploring the networking evolution of three psychology journals in Taiwan/ Sy-Feng Wang , Chao-Ming Liu ,Pin-Chieh Lin & Hsien-Wen Liu

The implications reflected in the network analysis of citation data within three psycholog journals in Taiwan/ Mei-Chih Lee

Is the new axle center a possible? Beyond multi-standpoint differentiation/ Li-Li Huang

Dialogues & Responses

      Retrospect and Prospect in Clinical Psychology: Practice and Application
Second thoughts on the training of professional ethics for clinical psychologists/ Yu-Hua Lin

Narrative and reflection/ Chung-Hsing Lu

Inerasable development of clinical rehablilitation psychology in Taiwan/ Ke-Neng Lin

Special Issue

Sport Psychology: TheLink between Sports and Health/ Editors: Frank J.H. Lu & Li-Kang Ji

Sport and exercise psychology: Past, present, and future/ Chung-Ju Huang

Exploring Taiwanese athlete burnout: A cultural and contextual reflection/ Frank J.H. Lu ,Tammy C.Y. Chu , Joline C.L. Tsai & Josephine F. R. Jan

Electroencephalography application in sport and exercise psychology/ Tsung-Min Hung & Heng- Hsing Shih

Physical activity and its determinants among female adolescents: An application of the health promotion model/ Mu-Lan Feng & Hank J. L. Jwo & Tsu-Yin Wu

Paternalistic leadership, team socialization and team culture: A study of sports teams/ San-Fu Kao & Chong-Jen Chuang

Empirical Research

From silence of an invisible figure to tumult of multiple performances: On cross-generational influences of intimacy of father-and-son relationship/ An-chi Chen & Vincent Shieh

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