Volume. 41/ Spring 2009  Retrospect and Prospect in Clinical Psychology:Pratice and Application

Dialogues & Responses
      Retrospect and Prospect in Clinical Psychology: Field and Development
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) and autism research in Taiwan/ Wei-Tsuen Soong

Now and future for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder research in Taiwan/ Horng-Yih Lee

Body and mind: Meeting and completing each other in whole/ Ching-Yu Chen

Perspectives on the development of clinical psychology in Taiwan/ Huei-Chen Ko

Authors’ responses

Precious hard to come by together: Reply to professor Chen’s responsive treatise/ Hsiu-Jung Chen & Yi-Rhiu Chang

The secondary exploration on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder research/ Huey-Ling Huang

Special Issue

Retrospect and Prospect in Clinical Psychology: Practice and Application/ Editors: Yung-Ho Ko , Hsiu-Jung Chen & En-Chang Wu

The organizations and manpower of Taiwan clinical psychologists/ Sou-Jane Wang

Practice survey of clinical psychologists in Taiwan/ Chiu-Tien Hsu , Chuang-Hua Huang & Chih-Chiang Cheng

The professional ethics of clinical psychologist in Taiwan/ Gye-Tung Ou

On-the-job-training and its future needs of clinical psychologist in Taiwan/ Ker-Neng Lin

The application of clinical psychology in sleep medicine: Past, present, and future/ Chien-Ming Yang

The application of clinical psychology in school settings/ Chun-Yu Huang, Chin-Yi Wang ,Chien-Hsi Hsu ,Shu-Lin Ke & Chih-Hsuan Wang

The development of clinical rehabilitation psychology in Taiwan/ Nai-Wen Guo , Yu-Hsin Wu & Ling-Yee Cheng

When clinical psychologists encountered the 921 Chi- Chi Earthquake/ Ren-Jau Shiau , Yaw-Sheng Lin ,Chung-Hsin Chiang, Fu-Chang Hung, Shu-Lin Ke & En-Chang Wu

The research and applications of clinical health psychology for cardiovascular diseases in Taiwan/ Chia-Ying Weng

Conceptual Article

The wound may be given without embodiment:Understanding the indigenous transformation of psychological healing from the phenomenology and psychoanalysis perspectives/ Yaw-Sheng Lin & Jow- Jiun Gong

Case Study

Hypnotherapy in the treatment of the victim of childhood sexual abuse:A case study/ Yin-Hsing Tseng

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