Volume. 39/ Fall 2008  Life Story and Psychobiography : Legacy and Development

Dialogues & Responses
      Family Stress and Resilience
Resilience and social work/ Ching-Ying Shen

Find the key point of helping family: The viewpoint of family stress between the risk and protect factors/ Sung-Hsien Sun

The resilience of families in high risks: What overcomes the odds/ Li-Chen Cheng

Special Issue

Life Story and Psychobiography : Legacy and Development/ Editors: Shing-Shiang Ting & Ming-Shiang Ni

The life-narrative of self-transcendence as the monks/ Tzung-Bai Hsin & Shin-Drew Lin

Religious experience and professional transition : A study of a preschool teacher/ Wan-Tun Huang & Ming-Shiang Ni

Freedom and knot : The narrative of a son of a bipolar disorder father/ Chu-Wei Li & Tung-Hsing Hsiung

Trapped v.s. finding way out : The life story of a Hakka woman/ Wen-Mei Li & Shing-Shiang Ting

The fulfillment of power of will : The life story of G. L. Mackay/ Po-Jung Hsu & Chao-Yi Chen

Empirical Research

Cognitive representation of emotional intelligence: Similarity and difference between genders and cohorts/ Chung-Kwei Wang & Kuo-Ying Lo

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