Volume. 37/ Spring 2008  Military Psychology

Dialogues & Responses
Conversation with Dr. Bor-Shiuan Cheng : His consulting experience and life narrative/ Jui-Ping Hung, Jyh-Hong Lee, Chin-Lun Tsai

      The Consulting Process in Action
The dynamics of relationship between consultants and clients: Experience of another way of teacher-pupil interactions/ Jen-Shou Yang

Consulting for organization to future/ Ding-Yu Jiang

Still consulting experience: Where consultant meets consultant/ Tsung-yu Wu

The initial discussion of indigenous consultation models/ Jui-Ping Hung

     Editors’ response
The community of practice and reflections Jyh-Hong Lee

Special Issue

Military Psychology/ Editor: Min-Hwa Sun

The review and perspective of the development of military psychology in Taiwan : A content analysis/ Chih-Long Yen & Fa-Chung Chiu

The development of Psychological Function Tendency Inventory and its applications on cadets’ school adjustment/ Yu-Wen Ma & Kuo-Ying Chong

Aeronautical decision-making training: The application from decision-making theory to aeronautical decision-making auxiliary mnemonics/ Wen-Chin Li, Dr. Don Harris & Chih-Chao Hsieh

Military officer’s leadership behavior and related factors in Taiwan/ Yi-Lung Shih & Min-hwa Sun

Empirical Research

Latent class analyses of maternal beliefs, childrearing goals, and parenting practices: Associations with children’s academic performance/ Huey-Ya Lin

Action Research

Professionalism, identity, and survival of primary school teachers: A process of inquiring focuses research foci/ His-Hui Ko

Churning the intension of utterances:Respond to author’s article/ Chi-Shun Hwang

Author’s response: What place am “I” standing at ? Floating between the “primary school teacher” and “researcher”/ His-Hui Ko

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