Volume. 36/ Winter 2007  The Consulting Process in Action

Dialogues & Responses
      Psychology of Human Resource Management: Research and Practice
HR management practice and all-orientation motivation theory/ Xian-Xue Yuan

Systematic view of all-orientation motivation theory and its realization/ Wen-Dian Shi

All-orientation motivation theory: Psychological perspective/ Hung-Chen Huang

A complex issue: The influences of trainees’ attributes on HR training effectiveness/ Yen-Chuan Cheng

The beneficial exploration and the rich harvest/ Hai-Gen Gu

Some Suggestion to “ A study on capability-assessment for managers ”/ Jung-Chuen Wang

Special Issue

The Consulting Process in Action/ Editors: Jyh- Hong Lee, Sy-Feng Wang & Chao-Ming Liu

An action research of intervention processes: From a junior consultant’s perspective/ Rong-Lin Wu, Sy-Feng Wang & Chao-Ming Liu

The knowing frame and practice process of business consultants: The double thinking model and organizational drama interpretation/ Hung-Chen Huang, Chao-Ming Liu & Sy-Feng Wang

The team-building process of college student leaders: An after action review and reflection/ Jyh-Hong Lee & Chao-Ming Liu

Using organizational culture framework to inquire the meaning of healthy organization/ Jui-Ping Hung, Jyh-Hong Lee, Chih-Ming Chou & Chao-Ming Liu

Self-involvement clinical research: A preliminary design from subcultural encounter perspective/ Jyh-Hong Lee & Sy-Feng Wang

Empirical Research

The effects of Chinese paternalistic leadership on multinational subordinates’ psychological health: A study of Chinese expatiate managers/ Hao-Yi Chen, Henry S. R. Kao & Chie-Fuh Wu

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