Volume. 35/ Fall 2007  Psychology of Human Resource Management: Research and Practice

Dialogues & Responses
      Cultural Psychology
Refraction of theory of double difference for refraction/ Chi-Jeng Yeh

Self of Outlaws/ Jow-Jiun Gong

      Authors’ responses
Inner making of Oriental mind: A reply to Dr. Yeh’s comment./ Der-Heuy Yee, Yaw-Sheng Lin & Wei-Lun Lee

Special Issue

Psychology of Human Resource Management: Research and Practice/ Editors: Wen-Zhao Yu & Chao-Ming Liu

Theoretical construct of All-orientation Motivation Theory in human resource management/ Wen-Zhao Yu

Supervisor-subordinate communication as a mediator between transformation leadership and OCB and intention to leave/ Wen-Hua Yan, Xiao-Wei Guo & Jörg Felfe

A study on capability-assessment for managers/ Yong-Hua Su & Ping-Geng Peng

The influences of trainees’ attributes on HR training effectiveness/ Jian-Rong Liu & Chen-Yan Li

Antecedents and outcomes of work family conflict/ Yong-Xin Li & Hong-Qiang Huang

Experience & Reflection

A naked model’s reflection and practice on the still life table/ Yi-Tzu Chen

Empirical Research
The development of independence and autonomy during adolescence/ Huey-Ya Lin

Development of “Humor Comprehension and Humor Creativity Test ”/ Ching-Yi Wu, Hsueh-Chih Chen, Fa-Chung Chiou & Chih-Chun Hsi

A study of the relationships among cadets’ need-problems, coping styles and the socialization at military institutes/ Sheng-Te Chang

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