Volume. 34/ Summer 2007  Cultural Psychology

Dialogues & Responses
      Organization Clinical Research
A practical viewpoint of organizational clinical research/ Hsien-Wen Liu

On the huge break between theory and practice from a systems thinking perspective/ Chia-Ping Chen

Toward more practical knowledge and more knowing praxis/ Jui-Ping Hung

Strategy formation process: A complicated structure/ Rong-An Shang

Editors’ responses

From past to future/ Sy-Feng Wang & Chao-Ming Liu

Additional thoughts

Interdisciplinary collaboration: Research and practice/ Peter Y. Chen, Min-Chien Tsai & Sy-Feng Wang

Special Issue

Cultural Psychology/ Editor: Wen-Li Soong

Reflection on the phenomenological-psychological investigations in Chinese society/ Der-Heuy Yee

Looking for ways to meaning: A note of clinical-local-cultural psychology/ Wen-Li Soong

A buddha manifested in a leaf of grass: Phenomenological meaning of healing and caring – reflected from a case study in a mental hospital/ Wen-Sheng Wang

Cultural becoming and personal becoming: A non-hypostatic discourse for indigenous psychology/ Wei-Lun Lee, Yaw-Sheng Lin & Der-Heuy Yee

Empirical Research

An exploratory study on clothing attitude and its dynamic mechanism/ Cheng-Chieh Hsiao, Shin-Shiang Ting & Maryta Laumann

Experience & Reflection

The cultural and political issues under power and violence: The narrative study for working with the clients being identified as abusers/ Shane Wang

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