Volume. 33/ Spring 2007  Organization Clinical Research
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Dialogues & Responses
      Preventing Domestic Violence: Interdisciplinary Actions and Reflections
Legal limitations on counseling and mediation in domestic violence cases/ Fehng-Shian Gau

Questions regarding marital violence intervention: Gaps in action between the profession and the community/ Su- Lun Ko

Criminalizing domestic violence: A challenge to the criminal justice system/ Pei-Ling Wang

The role of judiciary in the revention of domestic violence/ Fang-Yu Lai

Recovery vs. resilience/ Ching-Li Chang

Editors’ and authors’ responses

Rethinking on practice of fellowship/ Yen-Chi Ting

The different faces of a community/ Hon-Yei Yu

Professional actions in preventing domestic violence/ Di Cherng

Special Issue

Organization Clinical Research/ Editors: Sy-Feng Wang, Chao-Ming Liu & Jyh- Hong Lee

Building theories from organization clinical research/ Sy-Feng Wang & Chao-Ming Liu

Clinical approach in organization: Interests and models/ Bor-Shiuan Cheng

A dual performing by organization development and strategy management: What is the strategy formation process?/ Sy-Feng Wang, Wang-Hui Weng & Irving Cheng

Reflection on learning organization theory and Its practices/ Jen-Shou Yang & Hsiu-Tsu Cho

Experience & Reflection

She goes through course evaluations:Re-thinking course evaluation through the teachers’ “being”/ Mei-Ju Chen

Empirical Research

Colleges students'views of autonomy and their developmental trajectories: Parent-adolescent relationship as a context/ Huey-Ya Lin

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