Volume. 32/ Winter 2006  Preventing Domestic Violence: Interdisciplinary Actions and Reflections

Dialogues & Responses
      Rethinking Psychology
The voice from nowhere/ Shane Wang

The human subject between psychology and philosophy/ Yen-Hui Lee

How does the Fu Jen Psychology explore practicably?/ Chao-Hsu Tseng

The emergence of Cultural Psychology: A third kind for psychology/ Shyh-Nan Liou

Devotion in critical enthusiasms and reflections/ Duu-Jian Tsai

A reflection on “reflection”: Philosophical dialogue with “The reflexivity of psychology”/ Shen-Chon Lai

The Fu Jen School: An approach from the perspective of psychology/ Chien-Chiu Li

Editor’s and authors’ responses

“An otherness of the subject” within “the subjectivity of an other”/ Hsing-Yi Chiang

Jumping hearts of crossing discipline/ Kai-Cheng Wong

Building a society of reflective dialogue and creativity/ Shing-Shiang Ting

Special Issue

Preventing Domestic Violence: Interdisciplinary Actions and Reflections Guest/ Editors: Di Cherng & Hon-Yei Yu


A true story of a battered woman: The process of surviving/ Sue-Ying Lin

Changes on domestic violence in the courtroom over the last decade: Court experiences of a divorce lawyer/ Su-ling Lai

The difficult legal situations for women suffering marriage violence/ Yi-Chuan Chen

Adjudication of cases regarding violence and divorce: New directions and responses to the prevention and deterrence of domestic violence. /Nan-Yuan Peng

Who decides who is professional or non-professional/ Shang-Luan Yan

The court counseling service: A theraputic intervention or not?/ Fang-Hao Lin

Stop violence against women, its local action and global connection/ Yen-Chi Ting

Enhancing the coordinated function between batterer intervention programs and the legal system/ Di Cherng

Flowers falling with the rain at dark: Judges’ attitudes toward domestic violence based on verdiets/ Hsiao-Chun Su

The mental experience with adults who witness domestic violence in childhood/ Chin-Yin Chiang

Empowering battered women: An integrative model of incorporating resilience in social work training and supervision/ Kai-Ming Lee Shu-Fen Chen

Book review: A dialogue between objective fact and subjective truth/ Tsung-Chieh Ma

Action Research

The story of growing up: Reflections on the implementation of portfolio assessment in early childhood education/ Yu-Chia Hsiao & Yuh-Yin Wu

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