Volume. 31 / Fall 2006  Rethinking Psychology

Dialogues & Responses
      The Shock and Reflection of the Psychologists’ Act
A response to the special issue on the licentiation/ Hsiu-Lan Shelley Tien

Moving from rationality to intuition: Another manner to the Act for Counseling Psychologist/ Shu-Hui Liu

Examining my past footsteps and responding to the licensure of counseling psychologist/ Hsiao-Ping Cheng

Counseling psychology licensure as an imaginary order/ Su-Fei Huang

Mistaken a profession for a life-long commitment?/ Hon-Yei Annie Yu

In and out of the spot/ Shuh-Ren Jin

The myth of the Act for Counseling Psychologist: Suggestions on the future development for the counseling profession/ Te-Chung Chang

Author’s responses

Please tell me why helping others should be professionalized!/ Frank F. Y. Tao & Frank T.Y. Wang

Look forward to a professional approach:A school counselor’s point of view/ Shin-Chun Liao

Collective anxiety for existence in Taiwan Hui-Wen Chen 40 Psychologist act is not “God!”!/ Chin-Chen Wen

Mixed Meal or Side-dish? A freelancer’s response to the impact of the act of counseling psychologists/ Chien-Hao Wu

Gazing at power with disbelief: A civic action after the licentiation of counseling psychologist/ Shane Wang& Lin Feng Wang

Special Issue

Rethinking Psychology Guest/ Editor: Shing-Shiang Ting

On the predicaments and prospects of the developments in psychology/ Chun-Hsing Chang

Theory and practice of the indigenous culture approach of psychological research/ Chun-Hsing Chang

Knowledge of the third kind for psychology at the cultural turn: A critical note/ Wen-Li Soong

The way of academic critique/ Kwang-Kuo Hwang

Academic indigenization: Possibility of disagreement and necessity of reflection/ Ruey-Ling Chu

Transformation in dialectics/ Whei-Ching Liu

A radical turn instead of an idle spin: A reply to Hwang, Chu, and Liu/ Wen-Li Soong

The reflexivity of psychology:The way to an ethical and beautiful society in the psychology of the human sciences/ Shing-Shiang Ting& Cheng-Pin Lai

Some association about the paradox of reflexivity and subjectivity/ Tsao-Lin Fong& Hsing-Yi Chang

Picking up the responsibility of being (a man)/ Shing-Shiang Ting& Cheng-Pin Lai

The passionate heritage in social psychology/ Whei-Ching Liu

The marriage of passion and ration Chung-Kwei Wang 159 Goal keeper & cross-boundary dancer/ Whei-Ching Liu

Ceasing yet ceaseless psychology of “Fu-Jen”/ Kai-Cheng Wong

Heart of the virtuous man/ Hsin-Ai Yuan

Founding friendship upon art(icle), aiding humanity through friendship/ Kai-Cheng Wong

Locational self-configurations:Educators in the folds of political history/ Ling-Ching Hsia

Made by hand on an assembled Vehicle: Educational psychology in practice as a cultural resistance/ Nai-Fei Ding

Practice that goes before theories/ Yen-Liang Chiu

Labor combination of handiwork knowledge/ Ling-Ching Hsia

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