Volume. 30 / Summer 2006  The Shock and Reflection of the Psychologists’ Ac

Dialogues & Responses
      Phenomenological Psychology
De-psychologized study of the psyche: The contribution of phenomenological psychology/ Kwok-Ying Lau

Silent words of phenomenological psychology, lost words of clinical psychology/ Bi-Ling Shieh

Why is phenomenology so incomprehensible?/ Wen-Li Soong

The patient or Dasein in suffering: Understanding the essence of human experience in Phenomenological Psychology and Heideggers Daseinsanalysis/ Yen-Hui Lee

Editor’s responses

Order of befindlichkeit and order of discourses: Philosophical reflections on psychology/ Jow-Jiun Gong

Special Issue

The Shock and Reflection of the Psychologists’Act Guest/ Editors: Jean Liu & Kai-Cheng Wong

From“support”to“resistance”:On my changing positions regarding the licentiation of counseling psychologists/ Shane Wang

Disturbing waves: Observations and reflections on the Act of Psychologist and licensure process in Taiwan/ Jean Liu

My father, A dentist: A personal account interwoven with life history and the national counselor’s certification exam/ Li-Shu Wang

What is “Professionalism?”: The college counselor’s introspection and action under the impact of Psychologists’ Act/ Li-Jung Mai, Ming-Chih Wang, Chien-Hao Wu, Wen-Mei Li

To escape, to reflect, and to return: A college counselor’s reflection-on-action/ Chin-Chen Wen

From the setback of counseling work in elementary/secondary schools to Psychologists’ Act: Finding our way back to professionalism/ Hui-wen Chen, Xiao-Wei Wang, Chang-Hong Han, Rui-Lian Peng, Ya-Ling Chang

The process of establishing professionism for high school counseling in Tainwan:Where does the sustaining stimulus come from?/ Hsin-Chun Liao

Professionalization=License=Professional Autonomy?/ Frank T.Y. Wang& Frank F.Y. Tao

Empirical Research

Potential factors of flight crew fatigue/ Man-Ying Wang, Hero Ho

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