Volume. 29 / Spring 2006  Phenomenological Psychology

Dialogues & Responses
 A New Page of Cognitive Neuroscience: From the Perspective of Brain Imaging Techniques
A new page for the development of cognitive neuroscience in Taiwan/ Nai-Shing Yen

Development and prospects of cognitive neuroscience in Taiwan/ Shu-Lan Hsieh

Neurologically-oriented cognitive psychology: Are we ready for it?/ Chih-Wei Hue, Ming Luo, Cian-Huei Gao

The magic keys to unlatch the black box of behaviorism: Brain imaging techniques/ Ying-Jhou Wang

Indigenous factors for studies on Chinese speaking aphasics/ Cian-Huei Gao, Chih-Wei Hue, Ming Luo

Genetic mutation and atypical language development/ Hong Gao

Getting a panoramic view on the shoulders of a giant: A review on bilingualism from the cognitive viewpoint/ Yong-Yu Chen

Editor’s responses

Establishing a stable platform for quality research/ Ovid J.L Tzeng

Special Issue

Phenomenological Psychology Guest/ Editors: Cheng-Yun Tsai & Jow-Jiun Gong

Phenomenological psychology and transcendental phenomenology in the context of Edmund Husserl/ Chung-Chi Yu

Theory and application of phenomenological psychology: A genealogical application of empirical and hermeneutical modes/ Cheng-Yun Tsai

Two psycho-spiritual patterns for companionship through dying:A dual model/ Der-Heuy Yee, Shih-Ming Shih, Shu-Yi Shia, Ing-Wei Wong

Conditions of possibility of reliability, validity and value in the life-world : Philosophical reflection on the methodology of psychiatry/ Wen-Sheng Wang

On Infants’ Smiless/ Wei-Lun Lee

Corporeality: Husserl’s constitutive analysis of body/ Jow-Jiun Gong

Listening to the chronic illness sufferers: A phenomenological perspective/ Yaw- Sheng Lin

Experience & Reflection

Identity and research:A teacher/researcher voicing/ His-Hui Ko

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