Volume. 27 / Fall 2005  Occupational Health Psychology

Dialogues & Responses
      Joke and Humor
The research on mental process of humor: Review and prospect of the cognitive approach/ Lee-Xieng Yang

Life as humor/Wen Hsiao

The dilemmas of humor studies: A perspective of social psychology/ Tian-Juh Chiou

Humor changes the way of life/ Hsiau-Lih Lin

Math? Laughing and joking!/ Hui-Ching Chen

Laughter is not equal to humor:The issue of research problem and the cultural context of humor/ Chao-Neng Chan

I play, I laugh, but I have creativity./ Fa-Chung Chiou

There is a term「humor」in my dictionary!/ Hsiu-Hui Su

Author’s & editor’s responses

Don’t get up if you haven’t decided to face the world with humorous spirit/ Hsueh-Chih Chen

Humor as light, city light, society’s light/ Ching-Chung Wang

Special Issue

Occupational Health Psychology/ Editor: Luo Lu & Peter Y. Chen

Occupational health psychology: Opportunities and challenges for psychologists in the 21st century/ Peter Y. Chen, Yueng-Hsiang Huang, Sarah DeArmond

Occupational stress, health and occupational burnout among dentists: A study of clinical dentists in Kaohsiung/ Luo Lu, Hui-Mei Lee, Tian-Yu Shieh

Relation between Chinese indigenous personality and mental health/ Le-Shan Lai, Henry S.R. Kao

Paternalistic leadership and subordinate stress in Taiwanese enterprises/ An-An Chao, Henry S.R. Kao

The bi-directional conflict of work and family:Antecedents, consequences and moderators/ Luo Lu, Mao-Ting Hwang, Shu-Fang Kao

Action Research

The story of an intern teacher and reflective teaching in the regulations of intern teaching/ Chih-Ho Kuo, Xiao-Pei Yang

Mutual reference of teaching experience: Respond to the story of reflective teaching/ Hsiao-Wei Wang

Your inquiry, my reflection: A discussion on teaching, internship & action research./ Wu-Kuei Ho

Author’s response: I think, therefore I am: Intern teacher? Jobless teacher? Elementary school teacher ?/ Xiao-Pei Yang

I recollect the past about four years ago: I did my best to answer them./ Chih-Ho Kuo

The re-replies of the responser/ Hsiao-Wei Wang

A reflective conversation on the two authors’inquiry./ Wu-Kuei Ho Research Notes

Psychoanalysis and the constitution of French clinical psychology:A historical critical review/ Chih-Chung Shen

Taking care of the quarantined people in SARS:A perspective of stress coping from the attachment theory/ Chia-Huei Wu Yi-Cheng Lin

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