Volume. 25 / Spring 2005  Life Writing and Mental Health

Dialogues & Responses
      Dyadic Interaction of Married Couples
From Solo to Tango/ Shu-chu Chao

Couples’ dyadic interaction over the life course:Husbands should be the breadwinners?/ Li-Tuan Chou

Endless love from women:When will gender inequality in domestic division of labor be stopped?/ Hsiang-Ming Kung

Division of domestic labor:Responsibility or stress? love or care?/ Shain-May Tang

Dance with couple/ Whei-Ching Liu

Author’s & editor’s responses

Looking back and forward:Tentative suggestions for marital relationship research/ Yuh-Huey Jou

Attendants around the household negotiation table:Revisits on dyadic decision-making mechanism between the couple/ Chien-Liang Chen

Share of responsibility in marriage: Equal or unequal?/ Fu-Mei Chen

God has family therapists to be in charge of the hardship responsibility about equal right?!/ Wan-I Lin, Hsiu-Chu Tung& Lien-Chien Yang

Special Issue

Life Writing and Mental Health/ Editor: Kai-Cheng Wong

Exploring secrets in private writing: To rebuild life and portray self/ Shao-Jia Hu

A probe on the methodology of narrative inquiry/ Yueh-Tung Ho

Self-narrative and life transformation:A learning story of Fan-Shu at Lu-Di Community University/ Cheng-Pin Lai & Shing-Shiang Ting

From drowned to agency:Social-practice of a counseling practitioner on a self-narrative/ Ming-Yu Deng

Conceptual Article

The allocation of focal attention in visual space:Unitary or split?/ Su-Ling Yeh & Jen-Hao Li

Case Study

Narcissistic condition and negative transference:A study of dream analysis/ Yu-Hua Clare Lin

Empirical Research

The parent-adolescent relationships of the middle adolescents from the vocational education system(Ⅰ):Content analysis/ Chao-Jung Lin

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