Volume. 24 / Winter2004  Dyadic Interaction of Married Couples

Dialogues & Responses
      Action Research : Talking and Discussion
Behind the action research: Feeling, value and being/ Whei-Ching Liu

Developing the action research for empowerment in the social welfare center of public department/ Huei-Yi Wang

Whose empowerment? Whose research? Whose practice? and Whose redemption?/ Tsen-Yung Wang

Starting from two stories… /Yu-Wei Wanne

The formulation process of expert and expert power/ Fam-Ying Tao

Starting from two stories… /Yu-Wei Wanne

Unsatisfied with “light and shadow”/ Huey-Woan Wang

Lost and found/ Ching-Ven Kau

Action in life: Life in action/ Pei Yang

My vision will exhausted when the unlimited is limited: Bodhisattva practitioner’s action research/ Jian-Shian Shih

Strange towing effect: Some thoughts after reading “a lamp”/ Nai-Fei Ding

Understands a riddle life light/ Wei-Guo Zhang

Between saying and understanding: Known in cross-referencing within the life narration/ Hsi Nancy Lien Shih

Loses in the western, retrieves in the Eastern/ Shane Wang

Authors’ & editor’s responses

Harmonious choruses, whishing it’s echo lingers on/ Kai-Cheng Wong

Who summons? What to summons? What after summons?/ Fam-Ying Tao

Hand-in-hand in the face of the rising expert regime/ Tsen-Yung Wang

What kind of space is offered for the existence of “human-beings” in the so-called academic circle?/ Yu-Chun Ku

The responses to the response paper “bodhisattva practitioner”/ E-Wai Li

Be a happy cyborg : Action research as proceeding dividedly and attacking together of strategies/ Ling-Ching Hsia

Special Issue

Dyadic Interaction of Married Couples/ Editor: Yuhhuey Jou

Mechanisms of resources allocation decision-making among married couples and the effects on child rearing and education/ Chien-Liang Chen

Differences on division of labor among Chinese marital affection types: Analysis of couple data/ Fu-Mei Chen & Tsui-Shan Li

Interviewing parents of adolescents:Interpreting on their lived experience of parenting/ Shu-Ching Kao & Chao-Ming Liao

The marital power processes of couples which husbands are economically dependent./ Hsiu-Chu Tung , Lien-Chien Yang&Wan-I Lin

Empirical Research

Recurring conflict in parent-child interaction: Different perspectives/ Shu-Hua Yu , Jen-Yi Wu & Shu-Chu Chao

Life History

A woman’s dialog with mid-life transitions/ Mei-Kuang Tai

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