Volume. 23 / Fall 2004  Action Research:Talking and Discussion

Dialogues & Responses
      Human Factors Engineering and Technology
All technologies must be human centered/ Min-Yang Wang

The influence of vehicle information system to the dynamic driving behavior/ Yung-Hui Lee

Human factors engineering and technical special issues/ Yung-Nien Yang

The impacts of technologies on human life/ Yong-Chang Huang

Learning lifelong:Science of age and learning/ Dengchuan Cai

Push and pull: The dilemmas of user-centered design/ Shih-Huan Hou

Confusion of in-car digital map/ Yung-Ching Liu、Min-Sheng Chen

The connection of theory and method in human factors engineering/ Lih-Fen Huang

The cross-cut of thinking frame: The role of reverse (denial) thinking/ Wen-Yi Huang

Author’s & editor’s responses

Technology is only method, life respect is final goal/ Ruey-Yun Horng

Special Issue

Action Research:Talking and Discussion/ Editor: Kai-Cheng Wong

An empowering way of doing research and helping people/ Fam-Ying Tao

Examining expert power: Action research in Taipei City Home Care Services/ Frank T.Y. Wang

Curriculum and praxis: A critical approach of collaborative school-based curriculum development/ Yu-Chun Ku

The person and the field in the Buddhist practice: Reflection on a woman buddhist in social service agency/ E-Wai Li

One light is enough: The path of recognizing and knowing/ Ling-Ching Hsia

When Carl Rogers meets Wang Yang-ming: What can the humanistic psychology learn from the philosophy of Wang Yang-ming/ Kai-Cheng Wong

Empirical Research

Practice effects of the priming effects of task-switching/ Horng-Yih Lee& Shulan Hsieh

Values toward social drinking: An analysis of township-level agricultural extension agents in Taiwan/ Shih-Jui Tung&Chun-Yan Wang

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