Volume. 22 / Summer 2004  Human Factors Engineering and Technology

Dialogues & Responses
      War of Position in Education Reform: Teacher’s Reflective Turn on Fear in Battlefield of Education Reform
Reconstructing teacher’s dignity: The most fundamental conditions of education reform/ Joey Chen

Critics and resistance of ideology/ Kwang-Kuo Hwang

My subjective inquiring experience in elementary school setting/ Ray-Chi Lin

Responding to the teacher fear: Walking ahead my fear/ Yen- Ju Chen

Author’s & editor’s responses

Speaking for and writing down fear: The conversational space of “Helping each other” when both are in humble circumstances/ Ling-Ching Hsia

“Helping each other when both are in humble circumstances” as the beginning of action/ Jian-Kuo Zang

Western theoretical insights and Taiwan’s context: Homology of educational field/ Yin-Kun Chang

Operating “contradictory” may be the key way to loose structure limits./ Chi-Shun Hwang

Who’s really my unite friends Wu-Kuei Ho 33 Fear is my awl: From fear to praxis/ Huey-Woan Wang

How does the grassroot teachers resisting autonomy can be developed ?/ Ya-Ching Le

Special Issue

Human Factors Engineering and Technology/ Editor: Ruey-Yun Horng & Zai-Chang Li

The effects of information control and expertise on consumer’s decision making/ Ling-Ling Wu

An in-car digital map for older adults: Effects of map hierarchy and orientation/ Dyi-Yih M.Lin & Yen-Ru Liu

The impact of using cellular phone on driving behavior/ Min-Sheng Chen , Yung-Ching Liu & Jenn-Yu Chen

The predictability of age, working memory and computer attitude in learning an email system/ Dyi-Yih M. Lin & Ming-Yan Chuang

Effects of system testing models on testing performances/ Li-Fen Huang , Ruey-Yun Horng & Yung-Chang Huang

Conceptual Article

Situatedness as a target phenomenon for psychological research and the related methodology/ Wei-Lun Lee

Empirical Research

Parenthood beliefs and work values/ Chung-Kwei Wang

Solution-Focused Brief Counseling Introductory Training Program for community counseling volunteers/ Wei-Su Hsu

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