No. 18 / Summer 2003  Theory and Practice of Supervision

Dialogues & Responses
      Men’s Studies
profeminist men are coming…/ Wen-Lung Horng

Should men’s studies emphasize the reflection of men’s oppression? or the deconstruction of oppressed men?/ Cheng-Hsi Chien

A critical review on the special issue of men’s studies/ Duu-Jian Tsai

Comment from the subject of male-consciousness/ Pau-Chia Wu

Everyone is a victim, then, where is the benefit?/ Chih-Shun Huang

Escape from elementary school: Am I wrong?/ Thie-Tzuen Pan

Development of male gender equity consciousness from family/ Jeou-Shyan Horng

Life experience sharing: From nonsensicalness to perceptiveness/ Kao Su-Kwei

Liberating men and women Emancipating/ Jean Liu

Author’s & editor’s responses

Listening to women’s voices seriously/ Herng-Dar Bih

Relearning to live with the other sex/ Lan-Hui Chu

Liberation, an outlet for male elementary school teachers/ You-Jen Chen

If you are not the part of the solutions, then you are part of the problem!/ Ya-Ko Wang

Special Issue

Theory and Practice of Supervision/ Editor: Wen-Hsiu Wang

Self-awareness in the counseling professional: The self-awareness supervision model/ Chin-Yen Chen

Experiences of counseling trainees and supervisors in the supervisory process/ Ting-chia Lian & Shi-Sen Shyu

Supervisors’ perceived influencing factors of supervisees on the counseling supervisory process/ Shao-Ling Hsu

The study of volunteer counselors’ supervisory experiences in community counseling organizations/ Shian-Ju Shih

Experiences of individual supervision in the counseling practicum at National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU)/ Wen-Chun Cho & Jin-Nan Hwang

Empirical Research

The study of caring and dialogue in small group learning/ Hsien-Hsien Chiang ,Mei-Bih Chen & Shuh-Jen Sheu

The drinking behavior of police in Taiwan/ Tsuey-Fang Weng

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