Volume. 17 / Spring 2003  Men’s Studies

Dialogues & Responses
      Exploring and Practicing the Subjectivity
Rationality and sensibility/ Mei-Chih Li

My philosophical life story: Reflection and construction of subjectivity/ Tse-Cheng Niu

Subjectivity on the becoming process/ An-wu Lin

What is “subjectivity”?: Ambiguous looks from different positions/ Ching-Jung Ho

An endnote and a new path/ Ping-chen Hsiung

Being a counselor, doing gender/ Li-An Kuo

Do men and women think differently?/ Jien-Ming Jue

Author’s & editor’s responses

Voices and illuminations Jean Liu 39 Dialogue: Flow, stuck, and forward/ Lin-Ching Hsia

The calling of spring/ Cheng-Pin Lai & Shing-Shiang Ting

Searching paths in the wilds, struggling to disclose the inner truth/ Kai-Cheng Wong

Special Issue

Men’s Studies/ Editor: Ya-Ko Wang

The formation of men’s gender consciousness/ Herng-Dar Bih

The research on men’s gender role stereotype shaping and releasing/ Lan-Hui Chu

Exploring male experiences under patriarchal ideology: Cases of three male elementary school teachers/ You-Jen Chen

Men’s menstrual culture: Construction and action/ Tian-Yun Chang

The “class” exhibition in dual- earner family/ Chih-Yao Chang

Working with sex offenders: A 21-year journey/ Roda Chen

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