Chang Tian-Yun
Department of Sociology National Taipei University

When we discuss women’s menstrual life, focusing on restraints and repression on women from a patriarchal point of view, it is not enough to probe only from women’s perspectives. It seems necessary to inspect male social agents too. In this paper, the researcher tried to understand how men thought about and dealt with menstruation in their daily life to illustrate men’s menstrual culture. Seventeen male adults were interviewed with an unstructured open questionnaire with two main themes. One is the construction of men’s menstrual culture, including how men got information about menstruation, what kind of information they got and their opinions on menstruation, how men talked about menstruation, and whom they talked with; the other one is their actions to deal with menstruation. Men’s menstrual culture is discussed in three parts: the constructed process of men’s menstrual culture, men’s images of menstruation and action strategies to deal with menstrual.

Keywords: men’s study, men’s menstrual culture, menstruation, construction, action

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