No. 16 / Winter 2002  Exploring and Practicing the Subjectivity

Dialogues & Responses
      The Development and Practice of Creativity
Testable models benefit creativity research/ Ovid Jyh-Lang Tzeng

To light up creativity, I shall be the one to/ Chao-Yi Chen

What relates to Chinese creativity? Chinese personality , policy and generation/ Yi-Lung Kuo

Author’s & editor’s responses

The release and re-convergence of creativity in research on creativity/ Haw-jeng Chiou

Special Issue

Exploring and Practicing the Subjectivity/ Editor: Kai-Cheng Wong

Conscious reflections on my own theory and practice of psychotherapy: Appreciating the beauty of a person through the stories/ Kai-Cheng Wong

Unfinished story: Being aware of Dr. Wong’s ‘self-understanding process’/ Yaw-Sheng Lin

Dialogue in between/ Shuh-Ren Jin

A conscious reflection from my experiences of confused knowing and awkward acting/ Kai-Cheng Wong

When gender meets psychology:A reflection of gender perspectives on psychology/ Jean Liu

The responding from a man/ Shane Wang

Questions from a male student’s perspective/ Shu-Chu Chao

Society is not made in one day/ Jean Liu

Searching a position for conversation: Radical education and social learning process/ Lin-Ching Hsia

Narrative and consciousness: Another position for the dialogue/ Wen-Li Soong

Searching or transforming a dialogue position/ Fan-Ying Tao

Moving on in conversation inquiry/ Lin-Ching Hsia

The construction of individuals’ subjectivity in the historical and sociocultural context : A psychobiographical study of Shen Ts’ung-wen /Cheng-Pin Lai & Shing-Shiang Ting

An inquiry into the subject of narrative self/ Der-Heuy Yee

Groping for light under a totalitarian regime: Trial & tribulation of the May Fourth Movement’s offspring/ Chien-Lung Lu

Beyond is the new front/ Cheng-Pin Lai & Shing-Shiang Ting

Empirical Research

Marital conditions of patients in a couple therapy clinic of a psychiatric center/ Lien-Chien Yang & Hsiu-Chu Tung

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