No. 15 / Fall 2002  The Development and Practice of Creativity

Dialogues & Responses
The Formation and Change of Chinese Values
Indigenous reflections upon research on values/ Kwang-Kuo Hwang

Values and moral development/ Ya-Hui Lien

Author’s & editor’s responses

The exploration of individual developmental processes from a value perspective/ Yu Kou

Challenges of the research on values/ Chung-Kwei Wang

Special Issue

The Development and Practice of Creativity/ Editor: Jing-Jyi Wu, Shing-Shiang Ting & Haw-Jeng Chiou

Discourse & Dialogues

Enticing the crouching tiger and awakening the hidden dragon: Recognizing and nurturing creativity in Chinese students/ Jing-Jyi Wu

Developing and cultivating creativity in Chinese students/ Wu-Sheng Chang

What is the most importance in creativity education?/ Jian-Nong Shi

School innovation, reappear or disappear ?/ Ying-Yao Cheng

The intellect creates and the eloquent illustrates/ Hong-Sen Yan

When can we see leaping tigers and flying dragons? /Sing Lau

The development of adolescents’ creativity/ Hsin-Tai Lin

The teaching of scientific evolution and students’ creativity/ Pei-Jen Chen

The problems and resolutions of the lack of creativity of Chinese students/ Chiu-Cheng Chang

Enticing the crouching tiger and awakening the hidden dragon by nurturing the dogmatic creator: A commentary on Prof Wu’s keynote address/ Ng Aik Kwang

The research and education on Chinese creativity starts with sharing/ Jing-Jyi Wu

Research Articles

Scientific discovery and knowledge growth: What can we learn from philosophy of science?/ Chih-Yu Chan

Behind the rule discovery: The role of collaboration and explanation on scientific reasoning/ Ruey-Yun Horng & Ting-Yu Wu

Factors that influence creativity behavior for awarded-winning teachers in scientific competitions/ Ying-Yao Cheng & Wen-Chung Wang

The construct of the campus organizational climate for creativity and the teachers’ creativity performance: Another “New cloth of the king”? /Haw-Jeng Chiou

The development of “The Inventory of organizational factors to creativity development”: An example in technology companies/ Jing-Jyi Wu & Yu-Chu Yeh

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