Volume. 14 / Summer 2002  The Formation and Change of Chinese Values

Memorial Articles
The ever-striving Professor Shu-Neu Wang/ Ching-Chung Wang

A forever lady/ Shu-Kwei Kao

Dialogues & Responses

      Gender Issues and Social Change
A journey through “Gender Issues and Social Change”/ Ya-Ko Wang

Unavoidable opposition?/ Chin-Yen Chen

Along the way of development of women’s studies/ Fang-Mei Lin

The representation of patriarchal power structure in gender discourse/ Roda Chen

On the matter of climbing across the wall/ Hornfay Cherng

Creating the double-winning strategy for the grassroots and the state/ Chien-Ling Su

Searching for truth, goodness, and beauty/ Joyce Li

The interplay and struggle among changing the self, others, and the society/ Lily Huang

On some ethical and pedagogical issues in the epistemology for prostitutes and organizational Workers: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Perspective Gong/ Jow-jiun

Author’s & editor’s r esponses

Women in love are not necessarily lesbians!/ Ching-Tong Chuang

Licensed Prostitute Movement: Epistemology of Social Action/ Fang-Ping Wang

The knowing of and action regarding differences: Resulting from closing-up and understanding/ Chia-Chun Chou

Breaking the monopoly and class arrogance of scientific knowledge: Incorporating clinical lived experiences in the decision for policies affecting people’s life/ Chih-An Wang

Moral anxiety and action dilemma: Encoding/decoding and placement/transformation of desires/ Lin-Ching Hsia

Differences, Opposition, and Dialogue/ Jean Liu

Special Issue

The Formation and Change of Chinese Values/ Editor: Chung-Kwei Wang

Theory and measurement on valuation:New approach to explore the relationship between values and situations/ Po-Ying Lee

The linkage of work values between generations: A comparison study on work values of small firm owners’ and ordinary workpeople’s children/ Chung-Kwei Wang

The developments of adolescents’ moral judgment, Value orientation and Their Relations to Sources of Influence on Moral Thought/ Yu Kou

Empirical Research

The emotional reactions of perceived role discrepancy among elementary school teachers: The Typology and Scale Development/ Ding-Ying Guo

An exploratory study on role adjustment and intergenerational relationships among the elderly in the changing Taiwan/ Luo Lu & Hsin-Hung Chen

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