Volume. 13 / Spring 2002  Gender Issues and Social Change

Dialogues & Responses
      Qualitative Research: A Dialogue of Theory and Practice
Search for the voice after the uproarious debates: Reflections upon the qualitative methods/ Yaw-Sheng Lin

The value of life-history approach in pedagogical research/ Yu-chun Ku

Allow me to say it again/ Min-Ling Tsai

How to understand Caesar if you are not him?/ Wei-An Chang

Author’s & editor’s responses

Mirroring and Acting Tung-Hsing Hsiung 35 Writing: A way of approaching interpretation and understanding/ Shu-Fang Chen

Appreciation and Expectation/ Tsao-Lin Fong

Special Issue

Gender Issues and Social Change/ Editor: Jean Liu

Helping profession and gender praxis/ Jean Liu

Women’s studies in Taiwan and gender equity education/ Chueh Chang & Yan-Chiou Wu

Beyond politically correct identities: Understand the life struggle, the realization of value by the story “My friend and I”/ Ching-Tong Chuang

Walking along with prostitutes, crossing over social boundaries/ Lin-Ching Hsia, Fun-Pin Wang & Chia-Chun Chou

The social practice of self-supporting women in a disaster area: A practicing record report of organizational workers/ Hsiu-Ching Huang

A-Ciao litigate: It is sadden that social security organization become rigid/ Chih-An Wang

Women speak out: Ludi Community College and its Mode of Empowerment/ Su-Chuan Wang

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