Volume. 12 / Winter 2001  Qualitative Research: A Dialogue of Theory and Practice

Dialogues & Responses
      Adolescent Problems and the Policy for Prevention
Searching for mechanisms mediating family and adolescent behaviors/ Ying-Hwa Chang

Kids who love going to school behave well?/ Shu-Kwei Kao

The challenge for students and schools/ Hsiao-Feng Cheng

Teachers make all the differences/ Hua-Wei Ko

What do we encounter and interpret?/ Huey-Ya Lin

The macro-environment and micro-environment of educational institutes/ Kang-Lin Yang

Author’s & editor’s responses

The escape of neoretical paradigm competition/ Charles Hou

Yes, loving school is a pathway away from delinquency/ Susyan Jou

Research is helpful for solving problems/ Joseph Wong & Shu-Neu Wang

Special Issue

Qualitative Research: A Dialogue of Theory and Practice/ Editors: Tsao-Lin Fong & Chuying Chien

Inference analysis as qualitative methodology: Case studies in biographic research/ Rainer Kokemohr(translated by Tsao-Lin Fong)

A reflection on the phenomenological method and theory: Introduction to a qualitative method/ Wen-Sheng Wang

Psychobiography and its applications: Paradigm and method/ Shing-Shiang Ting & Cheng-Pin Lai

Peep, debacle and reward: A narrative of my experience of the life history research/ Tung-Hsing Hsiung

To enter children’s world: An ethnographical inquiry into children’s lives in kindergartens/ Shu-Fang Chen

Action Research

The social constructs and actions of conflict resolution in teaching relationships/ Whei-Ching Liu

It’s how we smell not how we look that matters: A response to Liu’s article/ Hornfay Cherng

Empirical Research

The relationship between personality and flight training performance: A study of the beginners/ Chian-Fang Grace Cherng, Wen-Chin Li & Shi-Chin Chen

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