No. 11 / Fall 2001  Adolescent Problems and the Policy for Prevention

Dialogues & Responses
      Effective Selection Methods
Effective personnel selection: The aspect of utility and value/ Chien-Chih Kuo

You may follow suit, but you just scratch the surface/ Ying-Cheng Hung

How to improve person-job fit by using appropriate personnel selection methods?/ Ya-Hui Lien

How effective of those methods?/ Robinson Horng

Author’s & editor’s responses

Breakthrough & Innovation: Exploring a new research area/ Yue-Loong Chang

Special Issue

Adolescent Problems and the Policy for Prevention/ Editors: Shu-Neu Wang, Charles Hou & Susyan Jou

Family structure, family relationships, and delinquency/ Charles Hou

Family, self-concept and deviant behaviors of adolescents/ Joseph Wong & Shu-Neu Wang

The causes and consequences of domestic violence: Taking mothers as an example/ Chyi-In Wu & Yi-Fu Chen

Can a youth love to go to school and yet behave delinquently? A study on schooling and juvenile delinquency/ Susyan Jou

Beliefs, organizational commitments, and deviant learning behaviors: A study of the university students/ Jeng-Her Chen

An exploratory study on handling interpersonal disputes among young people/ Ping-Yin Kuan

Discourse & Dialogues

Bewitchment by ideology? The temptation and pitfall of open education in Taiwan An-Bang Yu 212 Four myths of implementation of open education/ Fong-Ruey Liaw

Toward open education/ Yun-Yen Liu

How to practice the multiple and colorful open education?/ Chiu-Kuei Ko

The konception of Healthy Growth Center of early childhood education/ Ming-Shiang Ni

Open education as an academic discourse/ An-Bang Yu

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